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Hot Items Selling at Estate Sales--From Sea to Shining Sea

What's selling across the country? Sophia covers the Chicago area.

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Sophia's Estate Sales, Chicago IL, Better Homes and Gardens

The Vintage Items Worth Selling This Year, According to a Pro Appraiser

As you do your spring cleaning, Miss Sophia talks with Bryce Jones about what might merit having an appraiser take a peak at.

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Photo by Peter Wymrid for Better Homes and Gardens

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Meet Sophia Du Brul, ISA AM

Featured in Canvas Rebel Magazine, Sophia talks about her mission and purpose behind her estate sales.

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Sophia's Estate Sale Chicago IL

Famed Old Town Artist Norman Baugher To Sell Off Personal Collection

Featured in Block Club Chicago, Maia McDonald talks about the art of Norman Baugher.

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Miss Sophia conducts an amazing sale in Old Town in an historic home owned by a dynamic couple

Featured in Classic Chicago Magazine, Judy C. Bross highlights this amazing sale as well as the history behind it.

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Miss Sophia on Chicago Tonight selling a Slice of Chicago History

Miss Sophia's gave Chicago Tonight a tour of her amazing sale at the famed Gulliver's of Rogers Park.

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Gullivers Puts Famous Antiques Up For Sale Before Expected Closure

The antiques include a Baroque mirror from the late 1500s or early 1600s and a huge chemical vase, one of only three being sold around the world.

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Screen Shot 2023-01-30 at 8.49.18 AM.png

Staffordshire Dogs and Their Timeless Charm

Growing up in Chicago, there were certain grandes dames here that were held up as examples of elegance and good taste. Once in a while, I would be invited, along with my parents, to some sort of gathering at the various homes of these ladies. I would be washed and brushed, ribbons tied in my hair, reminded to say “please” and “thank you,” and told, in serious tones, to be careful because I was going to a beautiful house full of fragile things—so no running around and don’t touch anything!

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Screen Shot 2023-01-30 at 9.12.51 AM.png

Collecting Depression Glass

What is Depression glass? The term gets bandied about in columns on decorating, antiquing, and collecting, every instance defined in so many different ways. In the most general terms, Depression glass is mass produced glass made during the Depression. Frequently, these glass pieces were giveaways for opening a bank account or collecting S&H green stamps. There is lots of it around and most of it is not very special—you probably have some lurking in a cabinet of old glassware that came from your aunt’s house.

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Getting To Know Hef

When one hears the name Hugh Hefner, immediately an image of a bon vivant in a dressing gown with a blonde is conjured up, but Hefner was once just a Chicago kid, attending Steinmetz High School and hanging out with his friends. This is the Hugh Hefner that I got a chance to see.

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Treasure Hunting with Sophia Du Brul

Since her debutante days, Sophia du Brul has been a vibrant and intelligent force in Chicago, and a mentor and friend to many, from the high-school students she taught in the Chicago Public Schools to those in her own bright circle.


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Meet Sophia C. du Brul of Sophia’s Room–Estate Sales and Appraisals

Today we’d like to introduce you to Sophia C. du Brul...


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