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When You Should Book an Estate Sale

Okay, you are moving to Florida from a four bedroom house to a two bedroom condo; or, someone died, getting a divorce, or whatever. Whatever the situation is, a property is being vacated and there is a lot of stuff that cannot be taken or is not wanted. These days, a lot of people are opting to hold an estate sale, but when should you call an estate sale company?


Unfortunately, many people sell the house and then look at their possessions and then realize that they need an estate sale but the closing is in two weeks. For an effective estate sale, we need time to properly sort, photograph and market your possessions, especially if those things are high end, like antiques, a grand piano, fine art. You also need time to dispose of the unsold items in a planned and orderly manner, so you do not want schedule a sale right before your closing or moving date.

In the case of a death in the family, first calls go to family members and funeral homes, second call to the lawyer and estate sales companies should be the third call. We can help sort items for family as well as sell the remaining items. Frequently with death estates, the house is full of older items and needs repairs, so it has be completely cleared before the house goes on the market. Have the estate sale first, before the house is listed. A clean and tidy home in good repair will sell better and usually this is the most valuable asset in the estate. Having the estate sale first will maximize the value of the house in most cases. When people are downsizing, whatever the reason, first call a Realtor. Then call an estate sale company. Sign an estate sale company when you list the house. We can sign a contract with the date to be determined, but we will be able to lay some groundwork for the sale. As soon as you get a contract, then settle the date for the sale with the company you hired. In this business, I realize that whenever someone needs my services that something stressful and frequently traumatic is occurring, and I want to help ease your stress. Do not add to the stress by waiting until the last minute to call an estate sale company. Call estate sale companies early in the process. You will have time to evaluate the companies and hire the one that is best for you, and we will have time to the best possible job to help you during a trying time.

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