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Can I come early to shop your estate sale?

At Sophia’s Estate Sales, the answer is yes! I do pre-sales. I am very happy to offer pre-sales. Not all companies allow this, but I do.

How can I find out about pre-sales?

The best way is to join my email list at I send out an email when pre-sales become available and a warning email when they are about to close. They usually end 24-48 hours before a sale opens to the public.

How do pre-sales work?

When you get my email, give me a call at 773-729-0638, not a text, not an email, a phone call. I like to talk to my customers, especially if I do not know you yet. I want to hear your voice and ask you a few questions, like what are you interested in seeing? If it’s certain collection of objects, I can pull them for you and set them up for your appointment. And then, we make an appointment. Pre-sales are always by appointment.

Appointments fill up fast, so don’t put off giving me a call.

What if I just want to come and look at a piece and see if it is going to work?

That’s okay. Quite a few pre-sale appointments are people who are considering either a very expensive or a very large item (or both), and they want to measure, take pictures, talk to their partners, designers, etc before making the plunge. I get it. There are certain items that you cannot make a snap decision about. I want everyone to be happy with their purchases and some items take require some time to make the commitment.

Can I get a discount?

Sorry, pre-sales are a privilege, and items are full price. You may leave an offer, but it is your responsibility to follow up with me.

I am out of town and cannot come to the pre-sale or the sale. Can I buy over the phone?

Yes! I can even FaceTime you and go over the item in that interests you in great detail and then send you an invoice to be paid online.

I really am out of town. I live in LA, but I really want that thing!

Again, happy to FaceTime and send you a bill. I will then deliver your item to a shipper. You make the arrangements and pay the shipping costs. For art and smaller items, I have a favorite UPS store that does great packing and I will put you in touch with them, bring your item and text you pictures when I deliver it to the UPS store so you can see that I dropped it off in good order.

About Miss Sophia…

Miss Sophia is the proprietress of Sophia’s Estate Sales. Since 2015, she has been offering premier estate sale and appraisal services in the Chicago area. She has 20+ years of experience and is an accredited member of the International Society of Appraisers. Please contact her at. 773-729-0638 if you any questions about her services.


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